About us

Or how to engage people who are far more experienced in their field.

Envision was founded by Robert James.

With an academic background in behaviour science (BA Hons, MA, PHD Research), Robert started as a lecturer at the University of Maryland, USA. Many of his students were US Military, ‘Vietnam Vets’ who ‘took no prisoners’ when it came to learning. They expected and demanded the highest standards and they had to be convinced of the relevance of subject matter.

Eager to meet these exacting requirements, Robert took to showing carefully selected movies to engage students personally and emotionally with the academic subject matter. The results were so extraordinary that he developed a passion for blending filmmaking with adult learning – for making films that engage audiences and bind them wholeheartedly to the subject matter.

He returned to postgraduate (film) school to learn the processes involved, then built a career as a writer/director in international television and in client commissioned communication programmes. After mastering the skillset, working for production companies and communication agencies in a range of industry sectors worldwide, he set up Envision to fulfil his passion for creating and delivering world class, engaging and effective communication.

Envision’s approach to communication projects is rooted in Robert’s experience in analysing and researching issues, designing and producing relevant, compelling and thought-provoking communication materials – and respecting the audience.