Cannes Corporate
Media & TV Awards

Envision’s safety engagement film for Glencore - ‘Riding The Belt’ - has won a prestigious Gold Award at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, the sister event to the world famous Cannes Film Festival. The international competition received 772 entries from all five continents, so Envision is honoured to be one of the few Gold Award winners.

‘Riding The Belt’ is the core component in a global safety campaign designed to persuade workers to avoid riding illegally on conveyor belts, which can and do severely injure and kill. Based on an actual incident, it was filmed underground at a copper mine in Zambia. Mineworkers re-enacted the incident while also revealing their deepest thoughts and feelings about the experience. This combination of dramatic storytelling and poignant expressions of underlying emotional intensity provides the film’s potency.

We are particularly proud of the success of this project, which has already won four other international awards, because it shows what can be achieved when a creative approach gets the heartfelt commitment and support of the client and their employees.

Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards
Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards