Safety communication

Bringing safety to life

Robert James (Envision MD)
“Striving to meet communication needs in this sector always reminds me of where I started with the ‘Vietnam Vets’: engaging experienced, strong-minded and demanding individuals with knowledge and insights that would change their lives. Safety communication is my personal passion...”

Victoria Salmon (Producer)
“I love the fact that working in this sector entails continuous learning, to keep up with our clients' evolving understanding of what is likely to work in HSE communication. ”

In safety communication there is everything to play for: we're always engaging employees and leaders, to affect them emotionally and intellectually, to give them ‘eyes’ to see the hazards, to give them ‘tools’ to assess and mitigate the risks, to change their thinking and behaviour, to create sustainable, high performance safety cultures, to protect them and their families.

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We’ve also produced airline inflight safety programmes and developed employee safety engagement projects for companies in international oil and gas production and coal mining.